About Collector

We're Richard & Nate, the co-founders of Collector. Our passion for digital art inspired us to create a platform that makes it easier to share, discover, and collect beautiful digital artwork on Solana.

Our 2D gallery is a popular way to showcase art collections and we're proud to offer it for free and open source. We believe every artwork deserves visibility and our goal is to bring the fragmented Solana art scene together in one place.

We're also excited to announce our Drops feature, where artists can sell their work in new and creative ways, giving collectors unique experiences in buying art.

Collector offers a free activity feed and advanced discovery tools to help you find the perfect artwork for your collection. Our mission is to make collecting digital art easy, enjoyable, and accessible to everyone.

We're always here to help, so don't hesitate to reach out via Twitter. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to growing with the Solana art community.

- Richard & Nate


Discover, Collect, & Share Art on Solana

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