Dear Art Lovers,

I'm Nate, the founder of Collector. My journey with Collector began from a personal challenge. As an avid art enthusiast, I constantly found myself overwhelmed, struggling to keep up with the incredible array of digital art emerging every day. Existing platforms just didn't cut it for me. I wanted a platform that could help me, and others like me, navigate this vast and vibrant world with ease. That's when Collector was born - not just as a project, but as a solution to my own problem.

Initially, Collector was centered around simple yet beautiful 2D galleries, where collectors could freely showcase their prized digital art collections. As we delved deeper into the needs of the art community, we introduced 'Curations' as a part of our gallery offerings. Unlike our traditional galleries, each Curation is its own unique smart contract, a digital agreement offering unparalleled flexibility, even for those new to the concept.

With the help of Scott, our technical lead, these Curations empower curators and artists, providing them with the tools and autonomy to run their businesses more effectively and to innovate in ways previously unimagined in the art space. Our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology for the art community goes beyond mere display; it's about fostering growth, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit. While our galleries laid the foundation, the addition of Curations reflects our dedication to pushing the art space forward, adapting to its evolving needs, and exploring new possibilities.

Art has the power to inspire, evoke emotion, and bring us together. Our mission with Collector is to make digital art a universal experience, and our vision is a future where our platform stands at the forefront of an art world that's open, inclusive, and bursting with creativity. Our values champion and support artists at every stage, empower curators with the tools to amplify artists' voices, and build a community where collectors can come together, share, and grow.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. I've been deeply humbled by the overwhelming support for Collector. Together, we're redefining the art world.

All the best,

Founder, Collector


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