Lutum urbs

by avalter

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The sky is still, the red sands that blow across the plains and desserts below have subsided. A pale blue dot in the distance gleams with sobering dullness- cutting through and past the darkness around it. My body vibrates in tandem with the massive v067 engines powering this pod, and in seconds as I reach the threshold of our delicate atmosphere I'm launched like a pebble in a slingshot into the desolate backdrop of our solar system. As the pale blue dot becomes a giant vivid swirling ball of blue and green whose orbit I have just succumbed to. I steady my gaze and vehicle and position for entry into the atmosphere and as I do my steady gaze is blunted by a violent jolt that sends my pod spinning towards an ominous thunderstorm below. My entire childhood I've asked what this place called earth was, and for all of it I was shielded from the truth, but like heaving this , black and grey brew of a thunderstorm pulling me towards it so has the truth.

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